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Aesthetic gynecology

Promoting your intimate and sexual health is what it’s all about. With our aesthetic gynecology, we want to contribute to more quality of life (both between and outside the sheets), more self-confidence and a better sexual experience. Would you like to know what we can do for you? Then be sure to contact us. During a no-obligation aesthetic gynecology consultation, we listen to your story.

Why aesthetic gynecology?

Simple: because feeling good about your intimate zone is not a taboo! However, all too often this is the case. Childbirth, menopause, the years passing … The health and anatomy of the vagina and vulva change over the years, sometimes resulting in a decrease in collagen and muscle tissue. This can lead to specific symptoms or discomforts, such as vaginal dryness, burning sensation, painful sexual experience or recurrent infections. Changes that each have an impact on your quality of life as a woman. Changes that are still taboo for many. Changes with which you should not be bothered at all. Together we will talk openly about your intimate health and look for the appropriate solution.

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Our Team

Dr. Marijke Aerts

Gynecologist – Preventive and regenerative medicine

Dr. Karolien Stevens

Gynecologist – Preventive and regenerative medicine

"Being a woman is a lot. We look beyond the gynecological pathways, but want to connect to the feeling of being a woman."

Want to know more about what we can do for you with aesthetic gynecology? Contact us. During a no-obligation consultation, we listen to your story.

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