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Skin sagging can have many causes. Some of us naturally have thin skin with less elasticity, but age also plays a role. Under the influence of the years, the skin not only becomes thinner and drier, but the amount of collagen and elastin also decrease. As a result, gravity gets more and more free rein, causing everything to sink just that little bit more each time. It can also be local, think of excess skin on the eyes or overhanging eyelids. Whatever the reason; you don’t have to resign yourself to it without a fight.


There are a lot of options available to start firming the skin. For the entire face, the fractional laser is very efficient: it drills tiny holes in the skin, causing it to repair itself by producing more collagen. The infini – a kind of headpiece with all kinds of fine needles – is also going to stimulate the production of collagen. In addition, the needles emit radiofrequency: the heat causes the skin to shrink slightly, making it look fuller and tighter. Under the eyes, in turn, you can choose the Picoplus laser – which slightly tightens the skin – or a PlexR treatment. The latter is best described as an eyelid correction without a knife: instead of cutting away the skin, we are going to scorch away the excess.

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Frequently asked questions: Needling

It is not really painful, although the skin may be a little sensitive and feel slightly abraded after the treatment. If desired, you can numb the skin with a cream beforehand.

Allow for 2 to 5 days maximum of recovery time. During this time, the skin may be somewhat red and swollen.

With 3 to 4 treatments we achieve the best results. Leave 4 to 6 weeks in between each time.

One of the great benefits of needling treatment is its long-lasting results. So you can enjoy your new, fresh complexion for quite some time. Ideally, you should repeat the treatment once a year for maintenance.

What makes needling so special is that we can completely tailor the treatment to your skin. Usually a needling device or pen is used, but in some cases – in consultation – we choose manual pricks or the mesogun device. Whatever method we use, we always go for the most optimal treatment for your skin. The fluid we will be injecting into the skin can be PRP (your own blood plasma), or it can be hyaluronic acid. This is discussed together in advance and is always tailored to your needs and desires.

Of course. Important to know: the treatment of only the eye contour is comparatively more expensive than if you were to treat the face together with the eyes.

Simple: for anyone who likes to work on the quality of their skin. Although needling produces a nice effect on everyone, especially thin skin with fine wrinkles or a dull complexion obtains a very nice and fresh end result.

You certainly can. The pricking technique is always adapted to your skin type. For example, with sensitive skin, we are more likely to choose a single needle than a machine device.

You may be happy with a hearty serving of vitamin D, but your skin is less happy about it. Especially if she is still a little sensitive from the needling session. After treatment it is best to stay out of the sun for about 4 to 5 days

Absolutely! With a needling treatment, we stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which not only makes the skin look full and fresh instantly, but we also combat skin aging in the long run. Prevention is key in this treatment.

Frequently asked questions: PRP / PRF

PRP comes from Platelet Rich Plasma, a technology developed about 20 years ago and used primarily in cardiac surgery to accelerate wound healing. For several years, the technique has also been popular in combating skin aging and hair loss. Many scientific studies have already shown that growth factors play an extremely important role in the recovery of the hair and skin.

First we take a small amount of blood which we centrifuge. During that process, the different blood components are separated from each other by the difference in specific gravity. In this way, we isolate the platelets from your own blood. We need these, because they release very special substances: better known as growth factors. In the medical community, growth factors have long been known for their regenerative effect. When we use them within an aesthetic context, they can restore the production of collagen and elastin, but also stimulate the hair roots on the scalp to produce healthy hair again.

Usually the treated area is somewhat red and slightly swollen afterwards. The redness disappears after 2 days, although you may still observe small spot bleeds and blue spots for a few days. After about 5 days, the skin should be fully recovered. From then on, you may also return to the sun.

On average, 3 treatments are required, each at 2 or 3 month intervals.

The first treatment is always preceded by a consultation with a professional, during which we review your eligibility for PRP. Normally, PRP treatment does not hurt, even during chemo or other medical treatment.

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. During this treatment, the doctor takes 20 ml of blood with a small amount of anticoagulant. By centrifugation we will then separate the white blood cells from the red ones at high speed. The main emphasis is on the collection of platelets in conjunction with blood plasma. PRF stands for Platelet Rich Fibrin. In this case, we take blood without anticoagulants. Again, white blood cells are separated from red cells, albeit at a low rate. Here the main focus is on the collection of platelets.

Although both techniques have the same purpose, the method used depends on the area to be treated and your individual data. Based on the consultation, past history, desires and your personal profile, we will mutually decide which purchase is best.

Important to know: put anything that has an effect on blood clotting – from medication use to alcohol or certain food supplements – on hold the day before your treatment. Do you know of yourself that you are prone to bruising? Then, 10 days before treatment, start taking daily Traumeel tablets from A. Vogel (freely available in pharmacies). PRP and PRF are suitable for everyone, plasma always has a healing effect, regardless of any underlying conditions.

The injection technique depends on the area and your skin type. There are three injection techniques (which can also be combined with each other): needling, manual pricks and injections with a mesogun.

Provided anesthesia, the treatment feels pretty much painless for most people. We therefore always recommend arriving half an hour early to apply anesthetic ointment to the area to be treated (face, hands or décolleté).

After only 6 weeks you will see an overall skin improvement; fine lines, blue circles and pigmentation are less visible. We usually do a course of three treatments with 6 weeks between each, although of course this depends on the desired result.

Because cell generation is a building process, you may experience some dry, flaky skin, small hematomas, redness and swelling during the first week. Not to worry: not everyone suffers from this. It depends very much on the zone and your skin. In most cases, after 2 days there is no longer anything to see. For the first three days, apply a high sun factor (SPF 50+) and try to avoid intense sports, saunas (or other activities where sweating is inevitable). After 6 weeks you may repeat the treatment.

Frequently asked questions: Mesogun

After the treatment, the skin may feel a little sensitive, sometimes small pinpoint bleeding or bruising can be seen. Optionally, you can numb the skin in advance with Emla cream.

There is no severe downtime, although the skin may be red and somewhat swollen for 2 to 5 days at most.

You will see the best results after 3 to 4 treatments with an interval of 4 to 6 weeks.

The advantage to a mesogun treatment is that you can enjoy the fresh result for a long time. For a lasting effect, annual maintenance is recommended.

In mestotherapy, tiny needle pricks are used to stimulate the skin. Thus, on the one hand, we get a natural boost of elastin and collagen, and on the other hand, this allows us to inject active substances. This can be hyaluronic acid or PRP (your own blood plasma), depending on your needs and what your skin needs. For optimal results, the treatment is often complemented by needling or manual pricks.

Sure, although you’ll end up more expensive than if you treated the face along with the eyes.

Simple: for anyone who likes to work on the quality of their skin. Although the treatment produces a nice effect in everyone, especially thin skin with fine wrinkles or a dull complexion obtain a very nice and fresh end result.

You certainly can. Our skin specialists will always adapt the pricking technique to the needs of your skin.

Alas, it is better to postpone that summer vacation for a while. After the treatment, it is best to stay out of the sun for 4 to 5 days. Once your skin has recovered, you can enjoy the nice weather again.

Yes. Since the tiny needle pricks boost the production of collagen and elastin, we can thus counteract skin aging. Prevention is key in this treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions: Fractional

Rather not. Definitely try to avoid the sun (or tanning bed) as much as possible for 14 days. After all, after the treatment, the skin is very sensitive and still somewhat red, making it extra sensitive to the sun. Do you go outside anyway? Then apply a stronger sunscreen (SPF 50+) and wear protective clothing such as a cap, hat or sunglasses.

Heat, redness and swelling may occur after treatment. Those first two disappear after only 48h, the swelling can last 3 to 4 days. Sometimes grids are visible after treatment. These eventually turn into small crusts that will fall off within 3 to 7 days. Be careful with the sun and that tanning bed for at least 4 weeks before and after treatment. Because the skin is extra sensitive to UV radiation, too much sun exposure could cause hyperpigmentation.

Our lasers are true all-rounders. We can treat coarse pores and poor skin texture as well as acne lesions, surgical scars, wrinkles and stretch marks.

Definitely, possibly supplemented with a product containing vitamin C and/or E. These substances will optimally support the skin to heal and repair. And definitely don’t forget to apply an SPF 50+ several times a day.

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