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Treatments to

counteract volume loss

Volume. We want it in our hair but also in our skin. Because there’s nothing like a fresh and full youthful face, right? Unfortunately, Mother Nature likes to put a stop to this, because under the influence of the years we lose more and more volume. Perfectly normal, but no less annoying for that. Bone structure also changes: bone tissue disappears and the subcutaneous fat that we do have left starts to divide differently. Much has to do with age, although hormonal changes, extreme endurance sports or a strict diet can also cause volume loss.


Volume loss is easily solved by fillers containing hyaluronic acid. With a simple prick, the doctor injects a clear gel that improves the structure and shape of the face, restores volume loss and accentuates facial contours. You can also fill in lips, folds and certain wrinkles with this. Usually hyaluronic acid is used, a substance that occurs naturally in our bodies and is therefore very safe and well tolerated. Don’t necessarily want to add volume but want to improve skin quality and boost natural collagen? Then there are collagen boosters: using micro-injections, the skin is nourished and hydrated from the inside for a long time. The result is skin that is more elastic, firmer and smoother. Ideal for a fresh look.

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Wondering what we can do for you? Then make an appointment now for a no-obligation (and free) facial analysis. During this intake, our skin specialists will map out your skin and discuss the best way to address volume loss.

Frequently asked questions: Hyaluronic Acid

Fair is fair: it’s not really pleasant. Injecting hyaluronic acid through a needle can feel tedious. If desired, it is possible to numb the skin locally with a cream that makes you feel the punctures less. Often a cannula, a kind of blunt needle that is inserted into the skin through a single puncture, is also used. Most people do not experience this as painful, but at most a little annoying.

Nothing, you can just get on with your day and not have to deal with any special issues. Do know that with certain techniques you may temporarily see a blue spot afterwards.

This treatment does not require any specific post-treatment.

With deep fillers, such as in the cheekbone or jawline, you will see immediate results. Some injectables take a while to show themselves in their full glory. We always discuss this in advance during a consultation.

Depending on your needs and the amount of fillers, we may need to repeat the treatment. Is it the first time? If so, the body may break down the hyaluronic acid more quickly, so a repeat is recommended.

Sometimes you may see a little blue spot for a while, although the chance is smaller when working with a cannula. Swelling is always possible (to a slight degree), although it is very dependent on person to person.

This treatment is possible from the age of 18.

Frequently asked questions: Profhilo

Since we inject Profhilo into the skin, it always gives a slightly unpleasant feeling. If desired, we can numb the skin with Emla cream, which makes you feel the punctures less.

After the treatment, you will see small bumps (a bit like mosquito bites) at the site of the punctures. These are completely gone after 24 to 48h, depending on person to person.

With Profhilo, the final result is not immediately visible. Only after two months will you see the final effect.

Is it the first time? Then it is best to repeat the treatment after 4 to 6 weeks (in some cases a third treatment also follows, again after 4 to 6 weeks). After that, maintenance every 6 months to a year is ideal.

In some cases, you may see a blue spot at the site of the puncture. Except for some small bumps (similar to mosquito bites), there is no swelling after the treatment.

This treatment is possible from the age of 18.

Depending on person to person and skin quality, you can repeat the treatment every 3 to 6 months or every other year.

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