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Want to get rid of that cellulite? Excess skin after pregnancy? Or maybe you preferred to see tighter thighs in the mirror or dream of a slimmer waist? We often have the motivation, but sometimes life gets in the way or we just don’t manage (with exercise and nutrition) on our own. Thanks to our targeted medical approach, we can treat every body zone for rejuvenated, tighter, and most importantly, healthier results.


There are several options for a slimmer and tighter effect. Using cryolipolysis, we stimulate the body to produce collagen for tighter skin, AND we can freeze the fat cells, after which the body can better break them down and get rid of them. Radiofrequency works more on cellulite: by just starting to warm up the fat cells, we can loosen adherent fibers, improve blood flow and better drain excess retained moisture. Finally, we can also opt for a local Lipolysis treatment. In the process, local fat deposits are destroyed by tiny punctures. The substance in the injection produces a kind of inflammatory response that causes the fat to break down and shrink away. In many cases the treatments are alternated for the best results.

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