Scar camouflage

A noticeable scar, annoying stretch marks or white spots you’d like to get rid of? Then by now you have probably discovered that, unfortunately, these are difficult to treat. Although there is also good news: just because we can’t change much about the structure doesn’t mean we can’t do anything more. The original scar is still there, but by locally coloring the skin with medical pigments, it is much less noticeable.


The treatment itself is very simple: using pigmentation techniques, we can locally color the skin to camouflage scars. These can be scars after surgery or accidents, as well as white spots from sun damage or even stretch marks. This can be done for any skin tone or type, although it is best to come at a time when your skin is not too tanned by the sun. After all, pigment does not color with it. Just know: scar tissue is unpredictable. It is difficult to say how smoothly the skin will absorb the pigment, but in most cases several sessions are needed to blur the scar nicely.

Free intake

Wondering what we can do for you? Then make an appointment now for a no-obligation (and free) intake. Everyone and every scar is different. This initial consultation is essential to assess whether the scar qualifies, whether it will absorb the color optimally and whether we can achieve the desired result.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, with the exception of keloid scars. These are caused by excessive growth of scar tissue and can be recognized by being more prominent on the skin. Also, the scar must be completely healed. That is, at least two years have passed since you contracted the scar. In some cases, it is necessary to pre-treat the scar with other techniques.

Scar camouflage is best done in winter, when your skin is just short of its palest. Keep in mind that the pigment will not tan with you in the summer after a day in the sun.

Yes and no. The skin can be numbed locally, but you will always feel it a little. It is normal for the area to feel a little weird after treatment; after all, it looks like the skin is open again. This is only temporary, and can be improved by rubbing the skin with wound-healing ointment for a week afterwards.

It depends on the size of the scar. During the intake we can make a good assessment of this.

You can see, of course, that the color is different, but in most cases you will need several treatments for the best results. Often we can give a good idea of this during the intake session.

Yes, scar tissue is very unpredictable. Therefore, it is necessary to see the scar first. This way we can better determine if it is treatable and if the desired results are achievable.

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