Always slept out, a fresh look or a sultry eye look without messing with eye pencil? Thanks to deepliner, you put your eyes in the spotlight without any effort on your part. Don’t expect a striking eyeliner, but do expect a very subtle line at the lash line that makes your look more expressive. This liner is so nice that you really don’t need to wear makeup every day: the subtle line mainly gives the effect of fuller lashes and therefore looks very natural.


An appointment takes about 1.5h – 2h. First, we will discuss your needs and options for making your eyes look as beautiful as possible. Next, fine needles are used to pigment between the lashes at the wiper edge. No classic eyeliner above the eyes, but a very subtle pigmentation between the lashes. No one sees that you have a semi-permanent line. The only thing you notice is that your eyes suddenly speak more.

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Wondering what we can do for you? Then make an appointment now for a no-obligation (and free) intake. During this introductory meeting, the specialist will examine your eyes, discuss your wishes and provide information about possible precautions.

Frequently Asked Questions

On average we charge 2h for deepliner, although in practice it often comes down to about 1h30.

Don’t drink coffee the day before your appointment and skip the apéro for once. Both coffee and alcohol have blood thinning effects and thus can interfere with the healing process. For this reason, do not take painkillers (unless Dafalgan). Otherwise, come to your appointment without makeup, and have your eyelash extensions removed at least 2 weeks in advance. Lenses are best taken off before treatment.

Pleasant is not. The first passage is more difficult to sedate. Once the skin is open, we can numb the area more easily and the rest of the treatment is more pleasant. It is still most like an annoying, scratching feeling.

No, immediately after the treatments, the surrounding skin is somewhat red and swollen and the liner is very black and present. After a week the color diminishes, until for a while it seems as if the color and shape have completely disappeared. This is normal: your body sends a column of white blood cells to the surface to heal your eyes, which creates the white color. Don’t worry: the shape and color become more visible again. After 2 to 6 weeks you will see the final results and a touch up may be necessary.

Sometimes there are certain areas of skin where the color does not pick up as well. Therefore, we schedule a touch-up after 8 to 12 weeks to achieve the desired results.

We do not place deepliner on pregnant or breastfeeding women. Also, if you have an upsurge of eczema, we ask that you wait a while before scheduling treatment until your skin has recovered. Do you take blood thinners? If so, ask your doctor if you can stop temporarily. If you suffer from a cold sore quickly, it is appropriate to already start with Aciclovir (freely available in pharmacies). Cancer patients and those with immune disorders such as diabetes should contact their doctor first.

No, although we do prefer that you stop by beforehand. This way, the specialist has already seen your eye shape and we can give information about precautions in advance. The intake is free, and you can combine it with a skin analysis if desired.

After treatment, it is important to keep your eyes thoroughly dry for 72h and leave them alone as much as possible. Do scabs develop? Then, above all, stay away from it, or you will lose color. Furthermore, avoid the sun and sauna and do not use eye makeup or makeup remover for a week.

Deepliner is a form of semi-permanent makeup … The pigment is placed superficially in the skin and will fade over time. So for lasting results, you need to repeat the treatment every 2 to 3 years.

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