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‘As long as your hair is good’. The Dutch group Vulcano scored a hit with it in 1983, but there is some truth in it. Your hair is the first thing you see, and so it has a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves. Especially if it doesn’t sit quite the way you’d like it to. Hair loss can It can occur at any age, in both men and women, and has various causes: hormones, certain deficiencies, genetic factors, etc. It can happen gradually, or just suddenly, but the result is always the same. Your hair looks lifeless, and you yourself become especially insecure. However, in most cases there is a solution. Even if you naturally have very thin and little hair.


Thanks to medically based treatments, we can stimulate hair growth for more, fuller and better hair. The best known is PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma. This involves centrifuging blood to isolate the plasma and injecting it back into the scalp. There, the platelets in the plasma will release growth factors, so to speak, that reawaken lazy hair follicles so that they start producing more hair. Another method is mesotherapy. In this case, the doctor injects several important nutrients into the scalp. A sort of vitamin cocktail for the hair follicles, so to speak.

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Frequently Asked Questions: PRP Hair

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. During this treatment, the doctor takes 20 ml of blood with a small amount of anticoagulant. By centrifugation we will then separate the white blood cells from the red ones at high speed. Thus, the main emphasis is on collecting the platelets in conjunction with the blood plasma. PRF stands for Platelet Rich Fibrin. In this case, we take blood without anticoagulants. Again, white blood cells are separated from red cells, albeit at a low rate. Here the main focus is on the collection of platelets. Both techniques serve to prolong the growth phase of the hair follicles.

Although both techniques have the same goal – to extend the growth phase of the hair follicles – the one chosen depends on the area to be treated and your individual data. Based on the consultation, past history, desires and your personal profile, we will mutually decide which purchase is best.

Important to know: put anything that has an effect on blood clotting – from medication use to alcohol or certain food supplements – on hold the day before your treatment. Do you know of yourself that you are prone to bruising? Then, 10 days before treatment, start taking daily Traumeel tablets from A. Vogel (freely available in pharmacies). PRP and PRF are suitable for everyone, plasma always has a healing effect, regardless of any underlying conditions.

The injection technique depends on the area and your skin type. There are three injection techniques (which can also be combined with each other): needling, manual pricks and injections with a mesogun.

This varies greatly individually, although injections may produce an afterburn effect for the first 30 seconds. However, this passes very quickly. In addition, we use a soothing medical LED lamp each time for optimal comfort. After 5 minutes, you usually feel nothing from the treatment. Please note that you should not wash the hair after the treatment.

Yes and no. Hair growth occurs in three stages. Most hair loss problems are situated in the resting and falling out phases. PRP and PRF are going to extend the growth phase of the hair, but will not fix the cause. Hair treatments are a collaboration of several factors. That’s why we look at each problem individually for a customized solution, AND why we think it’s particularly important that a PRP or PRF treatment always goes hand in hand with other treatments. This can include home treatment with individual medications, as well as supplementing any deficiencies in the blood with appropriate nutritional supplements, lifestyle modification, and possibly infusion therapy. In the first year of treatment, it is necessary to repeat the treatment at least three times, each time about three months apart. After one year, an annual maintenance is recommended, of course in conjunction with your individual home treatment plan.

Frequently asked questions: Hair pricks

This interim boost of vitamins is suitable for everyone except pregnant women. We can’t make up major deficits with this (infusion therapy is better suited for that), but it will give the hair a boost from the inside out. The treatment is painless and takes only 10 minutes, making it ideal as a change of pace or to counteract periods of chronic stress

Frequently asked questions: Hair Treatment

In some cases – for example, due to underlying conditions such as hormone imbalances or blood deficiencies after pregnancy – a decision may be made to put the dormant hair follicles back to work with a needling treatment. The treatment is highly individual (for example, we always inject an individual emulsion, tailored to the exact problem) and virtually painless. Treatment may be repeated every 6 weeks, possibly in combination or alternation with PRP/PRF and home medication. Please note that after the treatment, the hair should not be washed and it is best to wait a full day before exercising, going to the sauna (or doing any other activity where you may sweat).

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