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A spot that has bothered you for years? A wrinkle that seems more and more prominent lately? Maybe you miss that fresh complexion from before, or simply want to keep your skin in top condition? The skin is the largest organ of our human body, any reason to take care of it is good enough. That’s where we want to help, because at Carpe, your skin and your desires are paramount.

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Carpe specializes in innovative facial treatments. From skin care to skin rejuvenation, from medical skin enhancement to treating wrinkles and volume loss. With more than 25 years of experience, a skilled team of doctors and specialists, and an extensive arsenal of aesthetic treatments such as injectables, peels, and medical lasers, we offer a solution to any desire or skin problem. Don’t get stuck with it, but make an appointment now for a no-obligation consultation.

Some of our range of aesthetic treatments:

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To measure is to know

Did you know that a treatment is routinely preceded by a skin analysis with the VISIA? Thanks to this piece of computer technology, we immediately get a picture of your skin condition, both above and below the skin surface. Sun damage, pigmentation, damaged capillaries, wrinkles, impurities, skin texture, pores and bacteria present become clearly visible. In this way, together we arrive at the perfect customized treatment plan.

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Carpe Clinic is always dedicated and focused on providing you with treatments and products of only the highest quality.

With increasing patient demand for innovation and the desire to remain committed to these fundamental values, as well as changing conditions at many suppliers, we are announcing a price increase effective 2/4/2024.

This allows us as a team to continue to ensure the best possible quality, to keep renewing and developing ourselves so that you can enjoy the qualities within Carpe Clinic for many years to come

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