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Does it seem like your skin has become more sensitive? Notice any noticeable blemishes lately? Do you suddenly see more and more hair in the shower drain? Or are you just not feeling your best and are you radiating that? Many (chronic) complaints can be traced back to underlying problems or imbalances. That’s exactly what we look at during an orthomolecular consultation.


What makes this different from conventional medicine is its functional approach. Instead of solving a problem symptomatically, we look for the root cause. In the human body, everything goes hand in hand. We do not see the human being as a specific complaint that needs to be resolved, but as a complex functioning organism in which numerous systems influence each other underlyingly. Your health, genes and past history, as well as your environment, eating and sleeping patterns, work situation, stress and lifestyle. By means of a blood test and a thorough screening, we can map everything out very meticulously. This allows us to detect certain deficiencies and conditions at an early stage and to adjust specific life habits (where necessary).


Wondering what we can do for you? Whether you have specific complaints or just don’t feel comfortable in your own skin: together we will look for the underlying cause and lay the foundations for a lasting solution and general good health.

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