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A burst vein, rosacea, visible blood vessels around the nose or on the cheeks: we’d rather see them go than come. However, it is quite normal: under our skin is hidden a huge collection of blood vessels. Sometimes they expand – for example, under the influence of the weather, stress, hot flashes or alcohol – with redness as the end result. Fortunately, under normal circumstances, they shrink back down and the redness recedes. In some cases, the blood vessels may lose their rhythm and remain permanently open. This eventually creates permanent redness or visible blood vessels. Too bad, because of course we’d rather not have those.


Good news: you don’t have to. Using high tech devices and targeted treatment, it is possible to close the blood vessels again. Usually this is done with lasers or a strobe light, but medical LED light also has proven efficacy. The photofacial is very efficient: the flash lamp specifically targets the red blood cells in the capillaries and sears the veins. In many cases one treatment is sufficient, sometimes a course of treatment is recommended.

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