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Carpe in the press: “Intimate wellness is important”

Pubic hair.Pubic lips.Pubic area.
We all grew up with the idea that the female intimate zone is unfairly linked to ‘shame’.Why does it get
this zone not more attention? The well-being of the vagina and vulva has a great impact on our quality of life and there should be no taboos around it.We talk about it, metrespect and openness.

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Carpe in the press: You ask, we poke no more of these days. Aestheticians on fighting wrinkles: “Because it has such a natural effect, ‘skin boosters’ also attract many men.”

With Madonna’s appearance at the Grammys, the debate flared up again: what on earth did she do to her face? “In our profession, unfortunately, it is usually the failures that attract attention,” say doctors Ingrid Van Riet and Silvie Van Eycken. A conversation about “injectables” – botox, fillers or body fat – and a promising newcomer: skin boosters.

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Latest trends in 2023: IMCAS World Congress Paris

In late January, we were guests at the IMCAS, the world congress of aesthetics in Paris. Like every year, the headlining event was the place to be for surgeons, dermatologists and physicians. Some 15,000 subject matter experts came together in search of the latest trends and scientific developments.

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Botox and fillers for men and other popular treatments

A slightly tighter jawline, removal of unwanted hair growth or overall healthier and younger looking skin: more and more men are finding their way to our clinic. The idea that skin care and aesthetic treatments would only be for the opposite sex is truly pass√©. We see this clearly in the number of men who come to our practice. Wondering what treatments most men choose when they sit in our doctors’ chairs? We have listed the most popular cosmetic treatments for men for you.

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Thinning hair? Hairstetics offers a solution

As your hair begins to thin, you may at some point see your skin through your hair. For many women, this represents a source of insecurity. However, a hair transplant is too invasive, and hair extensions do not offer a solution either since they do not camouflage the scalp and also only worsen hair loss. Therefore, to help women with hereditary hair loss, we offer a brand new treatment using synthetic hair: hairstetics.

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Is laser hair removal for you?

At Carpe Clinic, we’ve been versed in laser hair removal for many years and have completed hundreds of laser hair removal procedures. But is laser hair removal for you? What is it, what are the benefits and why choose Carpe Clinic? We list a few things for you.

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How to combat excessive hair growth?

Excessive hair is quite troublesome. Fortunately, you can tackle excess hair efficiently. We’ll dive a little deeper into the subject, tell you what excessive hair is exactly and what you can do about it.

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