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The good news first: at age 50 (or beyond), you are just at the top of your game. Unfortunately, the menopause comes just then to spoil the fun. Physically, a lot of things change. Actually, it’s best compared to a kind of reverse puberty: you go from being a fertile to a non-fertile woman. This – courtesy of hormone fluctuations – can bring with it a wide variety of symptoms. From the widely infamous hot flashes and mood swings to poor sleep. But weight gain, less energy and resilience, difficult skin and vaginal dryness are also common. Whatever your symptoms, there is no reason to stick with them. On the contrary. Not only is it possible to do a lot, by doing something about it, menopause becomes not the end of an era but just the beginning of beautiful, new period.


That each treatment plan is highly personalized goes without saying. During the consultation, we go over your history and medical records, and take a closer look at your lifestyle. Although some things are genetic, it is the way you are in life that plays the most crucial role. Based on your habits, expectations and needs, we outline a (therapy) plan. This can be a general support of your lifestyle – incorporating (more) exercise, learning to deal with stress (differently) or developing a better sleeping pattern – but just as well a customized nutrition plan, hormonal therapy or (a combination of) other treatments. Always attentive to your needs and general well-being.


Wondering what we can do for you? Perhaps you are already struggling with certain symptoms or who knows, you may prefer to obtain preventive information: a menopause consultation is for everyone. Together making sure you are and remain the best version of yourself.

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