An innovative solution to hair loss that doesn’t require you to wait months to a year for the final results or take weeks to recover? You can, because hairstetics are the hair implants of the future. Curly or straight hair, blonde or? It’s all possible. Thanks to the latest technology, we can mimic your own hair very precisely for an instant, lasting and natural effect. Goodbye bad hairdays!


Please note that each treatment is preceded by a pre-implantation test. Only a few weeks later do we schedule a final treatment. During that first test, we are already planting a small number of hairs. That way we can better assess whether the treatment will work and ensure the best results. The treatment itself takes about 60 minutes and is minimally-invasive. This means that you can leave immediately and resume your normal activities, including new, full head of hair. How does it work? Using a headpiece, we all implant small amounts of hair. The biggest advantage of this is that you see the end result immediately and leave our practice with the hairstyle you wanted.

Free intake

Wondering what we can do for you? Then make an appointment now for a no-obligation (and free) intake. During this introductory consultation, we inquire about hair loss, look at empty areas and analyze the shape of the hair, as well as the color for an exact match. We will also discuss your expectations and wishes and provide preliminary information about any precautions you may need to take.

Frequently Asked Questions

On average, we charge 1h for the actual treatment. Just keep in mind that you have to visit first for a test treatment.

Three days before your appointment, wash your hair with isobetadine to disinfect the scalp.

For now, we offer hairstetics only for women, especially when there are areas where you can see through. For mild hair loss or for extra volume, there are other solutions. However, you don’t have to worry about your hair type: both smooth and curly hair are possible, and even in terms of color, by combining certain shades we can recreate any hair very precisely.

Of course, but keep in mind that you can’t have the hair implants colored. However, you can trim them if you later decide to go for a shorter cut anyway. Are you going for a brushing? Then be sure to indicate that you have hairstetics. Ideally, after all, the implants should not be pulled too much, and this way you can be sure that they will proceed gently.

Don’t expect a relaxing dose of me-time, but it does numb the area. So you don’t suffer much. Afterwards, you can immediately resume your activities.

Yes, the hair is cut to length, and you step outside with your new hairstyle.

Yes, this allows us to analyze the hair and see if you qualify for treatment. Plus, it allows us to immediately determine how many implants you need and order the right color and hair type.

Make sure your hair is washed beforehand because after the treatment, it is important that your hair does not come into contact with water for a while. Furthermore, small crusts of blood may form around the hairs. Don’t scratch them off, but quietly give them time to heal. And rest assured: they really don’t stand out.

Absolutely. The headpieces are intended for single use and therefore sterile. The implants are made of nitinol, a highly biocompatible material also found, for example, in pacemakers. Thus, the hairs are certainly not rejected by the body.

Yes and no. Basically, the hair follicles are well established, but it is normal to lose about 20 percent annually. If you have 500 to 600 hairs implanted, it is best to come back every other year for a maintenance of about 100 hairs.

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