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An old tattoo that doesn’t look so great anymore? A broken relationship or just a drawing that no longer fits you? Sometimes we regret something that once seemed like a good decision, and then we’d rather lose all the evidence than lose it. Especially when it’s on your body.


Tattoo removal is done with the Picoplus laser: it allows the removal of all colors of ink at all depths. The laser leaves no scars and works in two ways. On the one hand, the ink is pushed to the surface. On the other hand, the pigment is pulverized into very small particles. Some of it is expelled from the skin; the rest is reabsorbed into the bloodstream and thus drained. After each treatment, the tattoo fades a little again, until finally nothing can be seen. Typically, at least four to six treatments are needed, depending on how long ago and how deep the tattoo was done.

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Frequently asked questions: Tattoo removal

The number of sessions depends on several factors, such as:

– The color(s) of the tattoo

– When the tattoo was placed

– How deep the tattoo was placed

On average, we need between 4 and 6 treatments, each time with (at least) 2 months in between. Does the tattoo still look red the day before your treatment? If so, we’d better postpone the appointment until your tattoo has fully recovered from the previous session.

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