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Did you know that our skin has more than 30,000 sebaceous glands?
You have some that you can spot with the naked eye, but in addition the skin harbors thousands of microdomedones or clogged pores. They are both literal and figurative: you don’t see them until there is more sebaceous gland activity. Stress, hormonal changes, your menstrual cycle, … Numerous causes can suddenly activate those sebaceous glands. They all lead to the same thing: annoying pimples or enlarged pores that disfigure your reflection in the mirror and that you would prefer to get rid of as quickly as possible.


There is no such thing as the one treatment for blemished skin. It is to say: there is no one fits all method. Some benefit from a nurturing approach to restore the skin’s microbiome. Others are more into hydrafacial, where we use a kind of vacuum to purify the pores and inject peptides, antioxidants and minerals into the skin through high pressure for a real boost. However, exfoliation (which removes dead skin cells, thus reducing blockages) or the fractional laser can also help with acne. The latter not only goes to reduce sebaceous gland activity and open pores, but also addresses scars immediately. Combinations are also possible. Together, we’ll look at which approach is best for your skin.

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Frequently asked questions: HydraFacial

Absolutely! The HydraFacial is for everyone, even the most sensitive skins. After all, the great advantage of this treatment is that our skin specialists can customize that treatment to the needs of your skin. A perfect match, then.

No worries, after the treatment you can just go back to work, to restaurants or to meetings. Because the treatment is deeply cleansing and refreshing, those around you will not see a difference except a radiant glow and a fresh complexion. Those who wish can also apply makeup immediately after the procedure.

While one treatment is sufficient to give the skin a quick boost (think: a nice glow and youthful blush), a monthly maintenance is ideal for the best results. This way the effect lasts the longest. Is once a month not possible? Then four times a year (at the change of seasons) is a good alternative. Although, of course, more is always allowed.

In some cases, caution is necessary and we will look at options together with the doctor, for example, strange pigmentation or specific skin care. Do you have fillers or botox? Then wait 14 days before scheduling a HydraFacial. To avoid irritation, it is best not to use products containing retinol three days before and after treatment.

On the contrary, the treatment is even very relaxing. An ideal relaxing moment for yourself, and the fact that you look extra fresh afterwards is of course a bonus.

Because the treatment provides a temporary brightening of the complexion, pigmentation spots appear optically reduced. However, this is not a permanent effect: we ideally treat pigmentation with a laser in the fall.

The deep cleansing effect of the treatment will purify the pores which promotes acne. Depending on the extent of the problem, the dermatologist will adjust the acid percentage to address acne most effectively.

Thanks to the thorough purification combined with the cocktail of various antioxidants and neutralized acids, the skin is hydrated and stimulated in depth. So you look instantly fresh and radiant after the treatment. However, for a long-term effect on skin aging, other treatments are better suited.

Frequently Asked Questions: Fruit Acids / Resorcin

First of all, the skin will feel smoother and softer. The fruit acids and resorcin work deeper, giving the skin an even complexion. Additional benefit: by removing the dead skin layer, we encourage cells to renew themselves more quickly, which will soften fine lines. Each time you undergo a treatment, the skin is cleansed in depth. As a result, the combination of dead skin, excessive sebum and any bacteria will not have a chance. Not only does this result in less sebum buildup, pimples, blemishes or blackheads, but on a regular basis, even the pores will become smaller.

Certainly, you can get on with your day and get back among people immediately after the treatment. However, the skin may still look slightly red for a while. Wait about 1 hour before applying makeup.

Immediately after the treatment, the skin may look slightly red, feel dry and tight. Therefore, the dermatologist will always apply a soothing cream to make the skin feel pleasant and comfortable. Ideally, you should repeat this yourself at home for several days. After three to five days, the face may flake slightly (this lasts for up to 2 to 5 days).

Paying attention in the sun is something we should always do, of course, but especially after a peel. Sun or tanning is best avoided for 14 days after treatment. Apply a strong sunscreen (SPF 50+) when you go out the door, and wear protective clothing such as a cap, hat or sunglasses.

Don’t worry, the treatment is not painful. At most, you will feel the fruit acids/resorcin tingle on the skin for just a few seconds. Then rinse thoroughly until the stinging sensation is completely gone.

– Stay out of the sun for 14 days as best you can and wear a high sunscreen.

– Also, do not use scrubs or exfoliators during this period.

– Ignore irritating creams or serums for 14 days.

– Stay away from the skin as much as possible and especially don’t pick at it.

– After the treatment, you will be given a soothing, antiseptic cream to take home; apply daily.

Fruit acids are particularly versatile. They exist in different concentrations so they have a lot of different uses. What do they do? Simple: they soften the top layer of skin, gently peeling it away and allowing new, healthier skin to surface. The result is a brightened complexion with more éclat. This makes fruit acids ideal for those suffering from hyperpigmentation.

Resorcin is often used in combination with tra, especially to treat blemished skin. While resorcin kills bacteria, tca will renew the skin. The result goes a little deeper, but you do get a stronger exfoliation than with fruit acids.

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