If eyes are the key to the soul, then your eyebrows are the gatekeeper. They betray whether we are angry, or happy, surprised or just sad. They are an essential part in our nonverbal communication and make your eyes speak immediately. In short, with a nice set of eyebrows, you don’t have to put much effort into looking fresh and tidy otherwise. But what if you naturally have few hairs, or very light ones? If you have no idea how to use eyebrow pencil to bring order to that messy chaos, or just if you want to get done faster in the morning? Then powderbrows are the ideal solution.


An appointment takes about 2h30 to 3h. First we discuss your wishes and the eyebrows and face shape are analyzed minutely, then the specialist meticulously draws out the eyebrows. Only when everything is completely to your liking does the pigmentation itself begin. Using a pixel technique – where we put tiny dots – your eyebrows are colored and shaped. The final result looks just as if you had touched up your eyebrows with powder yourself. Or like just naturally have a set of fantastic eyebrows.

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Wondering what we can do for you? Then make an appointment now for a no-obligation (and free) intake. During this introductory meeting, the specialist will examine your eyebrows, discuss your wishes and provide information about possible precautions. Tip: be sure to bring a picture of what you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

On average we charge 3h for powderbrows, although in practice it often comes down to about 2h30. This includes both the analysis and the pigmentation itself.

Don’t drink coffee the day before your appointment and skip the apéro for once. Both coffee and alcohol have blood thinning effects and thus can interfere with the healing process. Do not take painkillers (unless Dafalgan) for this reason either.

Pleasant is not. Certainly the first passage is difficult to stun. Once the skin is open, we can numb the area and the rest of the treatment proceeds slightly more pleasant.

No, immediately after the treatments, the surrounding skin is a bit red and swollen and your eyebrows themselves are a lot darker than the intended effect. After a week, the color diminishes, until for a moment it seems as if the shape and color are completely gone. This is normal: your body sends a column of white blood cells to the surface to heal your eyebrows, which provides the white color. Don’t worry: it gradually recedes. After 2 to 6 weeks you will see the final result.

After the first session, count on about 60 to 70 percent color loss. After 8 to 12 weeks, we schedule a touch-up to achieve the desired result.

We do not place powder brows on pregnant or breastfeeding women. Also, if you have an upsurge of eczema, we ask that you wait a while before scheduling treatment until your skin has recovered. Do you take blood thinners? If so, ask your doctor if you can stop temporarily. If you suffer from a cold sore quickly, it is appropriate to already start with Aciclovir (freely available in pharmacies). Cancer patients and those with immune disorders such as diabetes should contact their doctor first.

No, although we do prefer that you stop by beforehand. This way the specialist has already seen your eyebrows and we can give information about the precautions. The intake is free, and you can combine it with a skin analysis if desired.

After the treatment, it is important to keep the eyebrows thoroughly dry for 72h and rub them regularly with petroleum jelly. After all, there should be no scabs. After 3 days, you may lightly wash the eyebrows. For the first 7 days, do not apply creams – unless Vaseline – and do not exercise, go to the sauna or under the sunbed.

Powderbrows are not permanent makeup. The pigment is placed superficially in the skin and will fade over time. So for a lasting result you need to repeat the treatment every 2 to 3 years. Want to enjoy your eyebrows for as long as possible? Then faithfully coat them with SPF 50 when you get out in the sun.

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