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Laser Hair Removal

Also clean tired of that razor, that epilator and the countless ingrown hairs? Ready for a shower ritual that eliminates the need to waste time on hair removal? Well, you can. Thanks to our medical laser hair removal, (unwanted) hair growth will soon be a thing of the past.


All hair removal is performed with the Clarity II: this is the most powerful hair removal laser that can safely and efficiently treat both light and dark skin. The laser is going to destroy the melanin in the hair follicle, eventually causing the hair to die. In addition, the laser has a constant temperature reading of the skin, making the treatment virtually painless. For optimal results, a package of 6 treatments is recommended, 8 weeks apart each time. Afterwards, annual maintenance is sufficient.

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Frequently asked questions: Medical laser hair removal

Anyone can come to us for laser hair removal: men and women of any age, as well as all different skin tones. Only very light and gray hairs we unfortunately cannot treat.

We recommend being careful the day of the hair removal itself up to 2 days after the treatment. Also, be sure to use a high sunscreen when you go outside.

Our hair always grows in different phases. The anagenic phase or growth phase, the catagenic phase or transition phase, the telogen phase or resting phase and finally the exogenous phase or failure phase. Since not every hair is at the same stage, multiple treatments are needed. This is the only way we can be sure to address almost 80% of the hairs. Usually, the ) for an area with normal hair growth – involves 6 to 8 treatments.

Definitely! Our laser can be adjusted to any skin tone for efficient and long-lasting results.

Difficult. Because the laser reacts to melanin (color) in the hair, a certain amount of pigment must be present. Blonde hair contains little to no melanin and will not react as well, white and gray do not react at all.

Most people do not experience laser hair removal as unpleasant. However, the underarms or intimate area may feel a little more sensitive after the treatment.

The ideal laser length is a few millimeters. If you shave the area to be treated last two days in advance, your hairs will always have the optimal length.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. A tattoo contains a lot of pigment to which the laser can react. If you still want this area to be depilated, then we will have to avoid the tattoo as much as possible.

No harm done, though this zone can be a bit more sensitive.

From 6 treatments onwards, a package price is provided.

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