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Dr. CYJ Hair filler against hair loss

A receding hairline and thinning hair, for many men and women alike, it’s a dent in self-confidence. Androgenetic alopecia – or hereditary hair loss – is treatable. While many treatments focus on one aspect of the problem, the CYJ Hair filler has a quadruple effect.

Dr. CYJ Hair Filler: action on 4 fronts

The CYJ Hair Filler is an injectable treatment used to treat hair loss to reduce and at the same time increase hair growth at stimulating. It is a safe and effective treatment we use for various forms of hair loss, including hereditary hair loss. Heredity plays a pertinent role in hair loss, but stress, illness and changes in hormones – think menopause or pregnancy – can also have an effect on your hair growth. Thanks to the peptide technology of the Dr cyj Hair Filler you can do something about this.

What makes this hair filler treatment so effective?

The CYJ hairfiller is multidisciplinary. On the one hand, bioidentical peptides act on growth factors, boosting hair follicles and the overall quality of the scalp. Hyaluronic acid, in turn, stimulates hair growth by nourishing and hydrating the hair follicles. And it also improves blood circulation in the scalp: an essential factor for healthy hair growth.

Antioxidant effect

CYJ Hairfiller has a powerful effect thanks to its peptides, both natural antioxidants. Antioxidants protect cells from oxidative stress and free radicals. CYJ Hairfiller's antioxidant action protects hair follicles from harmful external influences, keeping them healthier and promoting hair growth.

Stimulation of angiogenesis

Angiogenesis is the process by which new blood vessels are formed. This process is essential for stimulating hair growth because it transports nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles. The hyaluronic acid and peptides promote blood circulation in the scalp, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to be transported to the hair follicles.

Stimulation of hair growth

Hyaluronic acid has a hydrating effect on the scalp and hair follicles. Peptides are small proteins that promote hair growth by stimulating the activity of hair follicles. This synergistic action of hyaluronic acid and peptides promotes hair growth.

Inhibition of alopecia

One of the main ways CYJ Hair Filler works is through the inhibition of BMP4 and DKK-1. BMP4 and DKK-1 are proteins that inhibit hair growth by bringing the hair follicles into resting phase. By inhibiting these proteins, CYJ Hair Filler can ensure that hair follicles remain active.

The benefits of the CYJ Hair Filler in brief

Hair filler treatment frequency

STANDARD THERAPY: To start; a treatment of four sessions at 15-day intervals.

INTENSIVE THERAPY: After the standard treatment of four sessions (after 60 days), a monthly maintenance session for four months may be recommended.

NABEHANDERING: During the full treatment, we recommend the Pelo Baum Hair Revitalizing Solution for daily home use. This lotion lets you massage onto a dry scalp in the morning and evening and leave for three hours for best results.

CYJ Hairfiller FAQ

In patients who still have active hair follicles, the success rate is almost 100% If there are no hair follicles are present there is no guarantee.

4 treatments 2 weeks apart each time. 350 euros per treatment.

Anyone suffering from hair loss where there are still active hair follicles.

The result is long-lasting, but the treatment is recommended to be repeated once a year or six months, depending on underlying or not present

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